#1 iwconfig

Check to see if your wireless card is there by entering the command

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#2 - airmon-ng start wlan0

Start the airmon by typing in this where wlan0 is your wireless card name:
airmon-ng start wlan0

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#3 Wireshark and filter

Enter the command to open wireshark: sudo wireshark
Choose mon0 or whichever is your monitor interface (use iwconfig to see).

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Some more tips

When Wireshark opens, in the filter you should filter out all the beacon frames because this is not really important and makes wireshark difficult to view so type this in the filter field.
This blocks out all the beacons. Don't forget the exclamation point in the beginning.
To see your ssid you can type:


Next Steps...

A good book is Kali Linux Wireless Pentesting, A Beginner's Guide. It is really easy to follow. However it is also good to have a grasp on networking basics as well as using the Linux operating system. This way you can install programs and work with the command line if something goes wrong.