– Basic Pentesting 1 (Dec 8, 2017) Walkthrough – Basic
Pentesting 1 (Dec 8, 2017) Walkthrough

This box was listed as beginner however it is really very simple.  Here is the description,

This is a small boot2root VM I created for my university’s cyber
security group. It contains multiple remote vulnerabilities and multiple
privilege escalation vectors. I did all of my testing for this VM on
VirtualBox, so that’s the recommended platform. I have been informed that it
also works with VMware, but I haven’t tested this personally.

This VM is specifically intended for newcomers to penetration
testing. If you’re a beginner, you should hopefully find the difficulty of the
VM to be just right.

Your goal is to remotely attack the VM and gain root privileges.
Once you’ve finished, try to find other vectors you might have missed! If you
enjoyed the VM or have questions, feel free to contact me

If you finished the VM, please also consider posting a writeup!
Writeups help you internalize what you worked on and help anyone else who might
be struggling or wants to see someone else’s process. I look forward to reading

First you have to find the box on your LAN with arp-scan or nmap. In my case, I
did a ping sweep using my own custom grep script to filter out known devices
such as my iPad and iPhone and Samsung.

So, just to make sure you
scan for all ports using nmap -p-.


Now find out the versions
of the services running to see if there are any vulnerable services running.


Now search for exploits on
the ProFTPD 1.3.3c since it appears to have a vulnerable version number.



appears to be an exploit in Metasploit called “Backdoor Command Execution”  for
the specific FTP version.

Now fire up metasploit.



Search for the exploit
module in Metasploit.

For this exploit we will
use the “Backdoor Command Execution” exploit module and set the RHOST to



And fire up the exploit
and do a whoami to verify that you are root.